Solutions Platform

Data Driven Intelligence

The Seiberlich Trane Energy Services Solutions Platform leverages some of the most advanced cloud technologies available to collect and analyze building data. With well over 1 Billion data samples collected annually, and an industry leading team of engineers, the Solutions Platform provides a cutting edge foundation for the comprehensive suite of building solutions provided by Seiberlich Trane Energy Services.

Quicker Resolutions, Real-time Status, and Prescriptive Advice

From Remote Systems Inspections providing regular feedback on building operations and building comfort, to Energy Advisor providing insight into operational effects on building energy, Seiberlich Trane Energy Services is constantly innovating new ways to make buildings work better for life.

Remote Systems Inspection

Through remote access to building controls, connected support, and monthly building reports Remote Systems Inspection provides building owners with a complete view of all HVAC system issues allowing them to focus maintenance resources and budgets where they will have the greatest impact.

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Energy Advisor

Energy Advisor allows Energy Services businesses to manage their contract portfolio in one location and verify that building equipment is running according to the designed standards of comfort without engineers spending hours in the building automation system.

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Company Application

The Seiberlich Solutions platform makes it simple to continuously make sense of building data. The Company application is the place to get started using the Seiberlich Solutions platform by providing a single location to track and manage buildings and their assets.

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