Colonial School Districtcase study

New Castle, DE

About the Client

Colonial School District completed $7.6MM in energy saving improvements that increased the energy efficiency and comfort in 14 schools and 2 administrative buildings, while decreasing the District’s environmental impact.

Colonial partnered with Seiberlich Trane Energy Services to complete an investment grade audit of the facilities and to execute a performance contract to provide design and construction of the needed building improvements. The work was completed with minimal disruption to staff and students.

As part of the project, district green teams were established to help identify issues, undertake research and analysis, make recommendations to the District decision makers and communicate many of the greening activities. The green teams provide leadership and project management opportunities to students from 3rd grade to high school levels.

Project Objectives

  • Meet energy reduction goals
  • Improve learning environment for students and staff
  • Promote a district culture of focus on energy savings

Energy Conservation Measures Installed

  • Optimization of Building Automation System
  • Lighting retrofits
  • Improved seals on building envelopes
  • Upgraded boiler systems
  • Water and sewer conservation
  • Coil cleaning

Energy Savings Results

The work was completed with minimal disruption to staff and students. The project saved approximately 28% of the benchmarked annual electric consumption and 15% of the benchmarked annual heating fuel consumption while reducing the district’s carbon footprint by 20%.

Delivered annual energy savings and water reduction:

$7.6MM Total

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