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Going Green

Seiberlich Trane Goes Green

Seiberlich Trane Energy Services not only assists our customers in installing energy efficient and environmentally conscientious systems, but we also practice what we preach. At the Seiberlich Trane Energy Services office, we have implemented a number of energy conservation controls tactics to help reduce energy consumption and unnecessary waste.

To date we have:

  • Installed occupancies sensors
    We have installed occupancies sensors which are interlocked with the lighting system in the conference rooms so that lights are on only when the room is occupied.
  • Incorporated CO2 control
    We have incorporated CO2 control in our HVAC system to reduce the amount of outside air required to maintain indoor air quality. The less outside air brought in, the less it is necessary to condition. This results in reduced run time of HVAC equipment.
  • Initiated single stream recycling
    In conjunction with our local waste disposal company, we now recycle all of the office paper, plastics, and metals.  Since 2009, we have recycled nearly 15 tons of white paper and continue to significantly reduce our contribution to the local landfill.