Maintenance & Services

Operate, Maintain, Optimize & Sustain

When it comes to managing equipment up-time and operational and energy costs, businesses and organizations have never been more challenged than they are today. Because the cost of energy is likely to continue to rise, efficiency improvements, small or large, can add up to significant budgetary savings over time.

Mechanical Services

Seiberlich Trane Energy Services is a leader in building systems, providing comprehensive services for maintaining and operating facilities, improving reliability, and monitoring critical building functions. Seiberlich Trane Energy Services works with Building Owners to create custom service agreements that meet their individual building needs and maintenance budgets. By planning ahead and addressing maintenance needs on a systematic, scheduled basis, you can save significantly and virtually eliminate unplanned downtime.

Available Services
  • Scheduled Maintenance Service Agreements
  • Service on all Makes and Equipment Types
  • Equipment Start-ups and Warranty Service
  • 24/7 Service Capabilities

Retrofit Solutions

Today’s technology is understandably far more energy efficient and reliable than the systems that were installed 20 or 30 years ago. But business’ demand profitability, so building managers and owners are often called upon to increase the performance of an aging building to a level more comparable to newer ones. Seiberlich Trane Energy Services can help you meet those expectations with our offerings to upgrade and improve your infrastructure. We can help you replace or upgrade equipment, or simply keep your system running at maximum efficiency to minimize service calls, eliminate surprises and control your total cost of operation. We can also provide a variety of rental equipment for unplanned or planned needs. Whether for short-term or long-term cooling services for seasonal outages or to sustain peak support times, we can meet your needs.

Available Services
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Equipment Upgrades & Enhancements
  • Chiller, AHU & RTU Rental Services
  • Financing Options

Building Automation Services

High performance buildings require high performance control systems. Let Seiberlich Trane Energy Services' experienced BAS Service Engineers help you design, install, and maintain a building automation system that meets your building efficiency and comfort goals. Through the use of our state of the art Solutions Platform we provide actionable insights that drive business outcomes. A service agreement with Seiberlich Trane Energy Services is a significant enhancement from traditional services in the past. In addition to on-site inspections, our inclusion of Remote Systems Inspections will help you harness the data in your building in order to provide greater visibility into building performance – for results you can measure.

Available Services
  • Scheduled Maintenance Service Agreements
  • Service on all Vendor Platforms and System Types
  • Control Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Retro-Commissioning
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